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Hi! Thanks for coming by!

I've been in fandom for a long time, and this journal is new. For now I'm only posting Kurt/Blaine fic here. If you want a taste of stuff I've done for other fandoms, head on over to my page at AO3, where I've tossed up an incredibly random collection of stories.

I'm using tumblr more often now, and between long rambling about whatever strikes my fancy and reblogs aplenty, I will occasionally throw up a ficlet or a drabble there that never makes it over here. Those are always tagged, and if you think I wrote something but can't find it, you might look over there.


These are listed in chronological order of their writing.

Brushfire - NC-17 - It comes out of nowhere. They're not exactly complaining. This is the sex-on-a-piano-bench story.

Proverbial (Fair and wise and good and gay) - R - Written for the KissKiss Exchange back when we knew NOTHING about what was going to happen after the Christmas hiatus, back when we knew even less about Blaine. Completely and thoroughly jossed at this point, this is a story about how they could have gotten together, if Blaine's parents were diplomats and Blaine had a horse. Shut up, it totally made sense at the time.

Night Swimming - NC-17 - Written for oxoniensis's Porn Battle. The last weekend of summer. AKA sex-in-a-pool.

Be Mine and its companion piece Traditional Gifts - NC-17 - a pair of fics written on Valentine's Day, about high school romance and blow jobs.

Knees - NC-17 - a kink!meme fill, wherein Blaine tries on one of Kurt's kilts.

Good Judgment - R - Written as a pinch hit for the KissKiss Exchange over on kurt_blaine. "Kurt's always had really good judgment in friends, but Burt's not too sure about this Blaine kid." Burt POV.

Kitchen Stories - PG - a gen story about Burt and Kurt and what they left behind when they moved out of their old house.

Getting to Sexy - NC-17 - written on a prompt by hazyjayne - five times Blaine fails to convince Kurt he's sexy, and one time he does. I didn't quite make it to five times, but I often have this problem with these boys - they keep jumping each other ahead of schedule. I kind of wish the writers for Glee had the same problem.

A Sticky Situation and Friday Night - NC-17 - A pair of post Original Song stories, centering on The Kiss and its immediate aftermath. "Friday Night" is also wank!fic.

Here Comes the Sun - PG - Song!fic for the Beatles "Here Comes the Sun" - Kurt falls in love in the winter; Blaine waits until spring.

One Stitch at a Time - G - Carole teaches Kurt how to knit.

At the Tips of Your Fingers - NC-17 - fingering porn, bottom!Kurt, exploration

Clothes Make the Man - PG-13 - Blaine and Kurt's adventures on Dress Down Friday. Clothes swapping, beard burn.

Finding a New Script - PG-13 - The story of their first date. Featuring Burt and Blaine conversation.

Kiss to Make it Better - NC-17 - a fill for the kink meme, and a stab at badsex turned into good.

On the Right Track - PG-13 - post "Born This Way" fic, and making out in a car.

The Smallest Bones - NC-17 - written for sillygleekt because she's amazing. Summary: It's the summer before their junior year in college and Blaine still can't get enough of Kurt. Summer is the growing season. This is the fic with Braden McCafferty.

The Luckiest - NC-17 - 52,375 words - my entry for the first round of klainebigbang. Summary: Blaine broke Kurt's heart 3 months before high school graduation. Now, four years later, their group of friends reunites at a lake house to marry off two of their own. With luck, Kurt and Blaine will also be able to finally mend something that's stayed broken for far too long. This is also available as one document at the Archive Of Our Own, where it can be downloaded in several formats.

Excerpts from Kurt Hummel's Diary - NC-17 - 10,349 words - written for the klaine_endgame fest. AU. Kurt Hummel chronicles a year of his late 20s. He's living in New York, he has amazing friends and a good job selling ad space to the world's top fashion houses. He's also maybe just a little neurotic? And he can't stop spending money and he never gets enough protein and never mind meeting the right man and, well. A Bridget Jones's Diary retelling.

Adult Content - PG-13 - ~2500 words - A crisis hits the Hummel-Hudson household. Warning: health concerns for a secondary character, buckets of angst

Being There - R - ~5200 words - for oddwritesstuff for the beyond_dapper Hiatus Exchange. Blaine keeps himself busy over the course of Kurt's first semester in New York.

After the Holiday - PG-13 - ~3300 words - Okay, so go with me here. Imagine that somebody wrote a Klaine AU based around the film The Holiday. If some poor, long-suffering soul did that, this would be the epilogue.

Family Business - NC-17 - ~5700 words - Kurt and Blaine finally find a place to go.

NaBloPoMo 2011

G-NC-17 - In November of 2011 I decided to write a ficlet a day for the month. It was a typically bad idea, but I'm reasonably happy with how it turned out. The tag for all of those stories is here. A few series grew out of the exercise, including Kurt Hummel Takes A Bubble Bath, which is pretty self-explanatory, and Reunion Tour, which started as an exercise in which a grown-up Kurt is a singer-songwriter and Blaine is his long-suffering partner, and then turned into a MUCH bigger deal than it was supposed to. Those two series are a little less than half of the whole month's work, and the rest of it is a crazy mix of whatever struck me as entertaining at the time. There's also a debrief about the process of the month here, if you're into that kind of thing.


NC-17 - a futurefic 'verse, begun in January 2011 and completed in June 2011, wherein Kurt is at NYU and Blaine is at Northwestern and they both have a lot of feelings, and also a lot of joyful reunions. The entire verse is rated NC-17, with only marked exceptions. A beautiful pdf of the entire verse has been assembled and illustrated by sillygleekt, and download information for that can be found here.

Ephemera, which sets up the outline and the timeline for how the 'verse goes. If you want to read just one of these stories, this is the one to go for, as it's PG and a quick read and sort of lays out the timeline.

Appropriate Visuals, which is actually the story I wrote first. It's pretty much straight up porn, with a side of romance and longing. Summary: "Sometimes seeing is believing. Leave the lights on."

Schadenfreude, Embrace, and The Axis on Which We Turn, which is a trilogy of post-Silly Love Songs stories. It's basically romantiporn club!fic, wherein Jeremiah turns back up.

Blaine's Birthday, 2015 is a story about a glorious reunion, and that's pretty much it.

"Lay Your Finger Anywhere Down" is the 10-part finale for this arc, following Blaine and Kurt's roadtrip west. It was posted a-chapter-a-day in June 2011.
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 |


Learning to See - PG or maybe PG-13 - This is a story about how Blaine fell in love with Kurt. Stylistically conceptual, and with an oblique reference to Mallory in the last section.

Rapture a mile high - NC-17 This isn't really part of the AV!verse, not really. If I say that enough times it will probably be true. Remember that weekend the Rapture was supposed to happen? This was written for a fic challenge at the time. What a good weekend.

Teenage Dream - super NC-17, please read the warnings in the A/N of this story
This is fully within the verse, but listed here because it's an optional scene, set in Part 10 of Lay Your Finger Anywhere Down. This scene takes place the night before Blaine goes home to spend New Year's with his parents.

The Learning and Labor Verse

- This is my first real AU for the pairing, a story in which Kurt and Blaine don't meet until they're in college, at Oberlin. More stories are expected, probably in Summer 2012.

A Welcome Home - PG-13 - Not everything goes according to plan. Sometimes we get something else. Kurt Hummel spent four years in high school thinking that the only way forward was out. He'd really had no idea.

Ficlets, drabbles and drabble collections

We Will Waltz Across the Carpet (1-2-3-2-2-3) - G-NC-17 A collection of fills from the kurt_blaine comm's NYE 1SM, including turkey manscaping, blow jobs, rimming, and the version of Kurt Hummel that I most want to get back to one day.

The Speech - G - unapologetic fluff about Kurt and Blaine's wedding the end, featuring Burt Hummel, best dad ever.

A couple of unattached drabbles written for a Kurt_Blaine gift exchange that I didn't want to lose

It's Not Unusual - PG-13 - Carole and Burt muse on the weirdness of the teenagers in their life; 301 reaction fix

Why Blaine Wears Cropped Pants - PG-13 - A ficlet about shower gel, Groupons, and why pearls are unacceptable.

Time - NC-17 - just a little pre "The First Time" ficlet

The Worst That Can Happen - PG - my Octoberified, angst-filled take on the best, saddest end for this pairing. The one time I don't endgame.

Freedom - NC-17 - just a little bit of horny boys in a car.

Christmas Eve Eve - PG - 1000 words of pure holiday fluff

The Addie Verse

A universe begun in summer 2011, featuring Kurt and Blaine and their adopted daughter, Adelaide Anderson-Hummel.

The New Normal - NC-17 - this is new parent sex for prettybird, who is absolutely the driving force behind this verse.

Addieverse Drabbles - The link goes to the right tag on tumblr.
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